Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wow, it's been a while!

I haven’t really felt up to posting here since the last time, I guess there wasn’t really the need. No new news or anything, and I’ve just been taking all the time I’ve needed to work on healing, so yeah…

It’s kind of a tough time of year. May was tough too, passing the due date and all, but it was tolerable. It’s a little more difficult now.

A year ago today I was pregnant. A year ago tomorrow, I was made aware that the baby inside of me no longer had a beating heart. And, well, anyone familiar with my story knows what comes next.

It’s crazy… a whole year. And here I am. My little one should be getting ready for her first Christmas! She’d be coming up on 7 months now. Things are sooooo different from how they were supposed to be in my mind, my hopes. But alas, such is life. Things often turn out vastly different from what we had hoped for.

I just wanted to update, and make it clear that I have not forgotten. I never will. Even though life goes on, and now I feel at peace with it, mostly, I still miss you every day, and wonder who you would have been.

Always in our hearts little one, we love you!