Saturday, January 19, 2008

Amongst the stars

I miss being a human vessel
For a tiny treasure of flesh, blood, and spirit
I feel like most of my energy has been depleted
Since you went back home
And while I am trying to rebuild and refresh
It's hard without you to look forward to
It's hard to feel much other than simply defeated

I think about you all the time;
My tiny, beautiful baby
Who you were and who you would have been
I wish I could have seen
I wish we had more time
I am sorry that you could not stay

Though the thought of you is dear
It's cliché to say that you are in my heart
I'd prefer to think of you amongst the stars
Hopefully it is beautiful where you are
A far better place than here
But remember if you can, that you are missed and loved
In the place you left behind for the stars
In the place that was just not ready
For something as amazing as you.

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